Roberto Magnanini a.k.a.

Romeo Rodeo

Creative specialized in Photo, Video and Social Campaign




I’m Shooting photos for Editorial,
Brands, Designers’ studios and
Startup clients.



I maximise my client’s Brand awareness
with a tailor-made video for
Website or Social Campaign

Social Media


I can build a strategy to boost visibility
engage target audiences, eCommerce
drive traffic and get lead

Mnemòsine – Editorial x Artribune


Social Oriented Video – Class S\S Collection


My style

Social Oriented Content


Why so important? Simple: speaking social language on social media means upgrading performances.


Set instagram on fire with street style shooting to capture the vibes and the real statement of fashion industry.


People love to see the experience of a product or a service, that’s why lifestyle contents are the most influencing on social media



Corporate content

Food photography


Making the food more visually interesting

I worked with:


Are you looking for cool photos and videos or you need
to improve your online presence? Stalk me at:
+39 3396631439
Roberto Magnanini a.k.a. Romeo Rodeo
P.iva 14337991005