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“Under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Municipality of Rome and the INAF – National Institute of Astrophysics – the installation was created on the occasion of Earth Day Italy. A reminder that to observe the infinite vastness of the universe, we do not need much more than a sky clear of clouds and unpolluted by city lights. The project was promoted by CADOGAN Gallery, Art Made in Sicily and RESIN, and was presented at the Hotel De Russie, which continues its commitment to support the international activities of the city of Rome. In the historic garden of the Rocco Forte Hotel (designed by Giuseppe Valadier in the 19th century), Cicconi created “150-93”, a site-specific work in dialogue with the architecture and nature of the magnificent garden that borders the Pincio and Villa Borghese. The sculpture is a triangular prism that absorbs the sun during the day, at sunset this begins to dissolve and reaches complete transparency during the night. When illuminated, the large glass plates take their colors from the polar light/aurora borealis.” Maria Abramenko via Nasty Magazine



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